I was born in Ottawa , Canada, I have loved Zumba® from the very first class I took which was on VHS tapes back in 2001 

I spent many years doing Zumba® at home while my children were young, I began teaching Zumba® in 2012 which I specialize in Adult Zumba®, Zumba Toning® and Zumba Kids®

What I like about Zumba® is every class feels like a party! I like my participants to come in, shake the stress off, and leave happy. Another thing I love about Zumba® is this class is for everyone.

Every song you can modify to your ability whether you are seasoned to working out or brand new, Come join the fun ! Can't wait to meet you.




Hello! My name is Quan, and I am originally from China. I came to Canada in 2009 for doctoral studies. Now, I am a math teacher. Teaching is my passion.

Before I started Zumba® I played lots of sport including badminton, tennis and volleyball, I suffered some injuries from playing and I needed a less jarring exercise form.

I started Zumba® on 2017 and fell in love immediately  with the self-paced moves and varieties of music. Doing Zumba® cheers me up every time and I certainly sweat as much as when I played aborts. I cannot wait to spread the fun and to inspire people by being a Zumba®Instructor 




I was born and raised on Vancouver Island & moved to the Lower Mainland to continue post-secondary education in 2004. After giving birth to my first child in 2010, I decide to try Zumba® Fitness on my XBox console to get back into shape as I love Latin rhythms & am passionate about dance.

I was a new mom in the city, far from family and friends and decided to get "out of my shell", and try a class in person. I was hooked, the energy, music, laughter, sense of community is exactly what I needed, plus I started seeing results,,,fast!

I went on to become certified in 2013 and have been teaching ever since! Zumba® changed my life and my goal is to continue bringing people together through music, movement and dance.

Come check out a class & you'll see what I'm talking about!







I have being dancing since I was a little kid, Ballet and Classic were my favourite till I had the choice to get to meet Belly dancing, I fell in love with the movements and the waves of its dance, also I got surprised with all its positive effects in mind and body.

I have been dancing Belly Dancing for 15 years and teaching for eight, I feel amazed when the students improve and feel happy about their movements and bodies

Some Benefits:

weight loss, Preparation for childbirth, Stress reduction, Building the back muscles, Aiding digestion, Excersicing the body muscles without impact


Rosy was born and raised in Mexico city. Given her love for dancing and teaching,  she got into Zumba® classes in early 2013. She is also a Certified Spanish teacher, and teaching is her passion.

Late in 2013 , she got certified as a Zumba® instructor for Adults and also obtained her Certificate in Zumba® Kids & Juniors. For the last few months she has been teaching Zumba® at different recreation centers, studios, daycares and pre-schools.

She strongly believes that dancing and music helps people release stress, become healthier and enjoy a happier life. Her positive energy and charisma make her classes one of the best.

As a certified Spanish teacher, Rosy will also develop a program that involves Zumba® and Spanish lesson for Kids.






Latin Flavours Fitness Zumba® in Maple Ridge




I’m originally from Poland, where I danced since childhood.  
When I moved to Canada, as a young adult, I attended college and got a “real job” as an accountant at a large corporation where I worked for well over 10 years.  I wasn’t fulfilled though.
I found my true calling when I “found” fitness and became a Personal Trainer. I fully enjoy helping my clients to become healthier and more fit through one on one training, teaching classes and online coaching.
My first Zumba experience was at Latin Flavours. I was hooked.
I completed my Zumba instructor training in November 2013 and since then teaching Zumba lights me up. I call it cardio in disguise.  In addition to fitness, I’m a REALTOR® and a business owner. Hope to see you in my class 💕

​​Hola Amigos

Originally from Mexico, I moved to Canada to study English, I ended up staying and marrying a Canadian 

Fitness and Tourism are my passions,  I have been a Spanish tour guide and a bus driver for 14 years, 

As much as I love Canada, I have to say "something was missing" and that is related to who I am and where I come from,

so after my second child was born, and after seeing all the positive changes Zumba  Fitness created in myself, physically,  mentally and emotionally ,  I gave myself the task of sharing a little happiness with the community  to which I just moved and in October 2011, LATIN FLAVOURS FITNESS was born , a place  like no other , a Studio with a pinch of Latin flair,  the ambiance, it's unique style,  it's decoration, it's fun colors , it's a little piece of Mexico in Canada 

what became my happy place is now what many of us like to call or second home a place  where memories and friendships are created that will last forever!

It is a pleasure for me to be a Zumba® instructor, and being able to inject some positive energy into someone's day just makes me happy !

Remember that research has shown that  "moving or dancing with others is beneficial by improving social skills, lifting your spirit and even reversing depression "

So let's move together and let me share with you the wonder I have found in Zumba®Fitness and now also in POUND Fitness !!!





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Bonjour Zumba lovers!

I am French Acadian Canadian! Born in New-Brunswick.
I lived in Ontario for a few years then came to BC 23 years ago.
I have been a flight attendant for over 17 years. I also teach French to preschool and daycare children.

I have always loved dancing!
I fell in love with Zumba in 2009 and decided to get my certification to teach and got my license in February 2011. I have been teaching ever since and I absolutely love it. I love the music and the lovely participants that become part of our Zumba family!

So come party with us, you’ll have a blast, while making friends and getting a great and FUN workout!