I’m originally from Poland, where I danced since childhood.  
When I moved to Canada, as a young adult, I attended college and got a “real job” as an accountant at a large corporation where I worked for well over 10 years.  I wasn’t fulfilled though.
I found my true calling when I “found” fitness and became a Personal Trainer. I fully enjoy helping my clients to become healthier and more fit through one on one training, teaching classes and online coaching.
My first Zumba experience was at Latin Flavours. I was hooked.
I completed my Zumba instructor training in November 2013 and since then teaching Zumba lights me up. I call it cardio in disguise.  In addition to fitness, I’m a REALTOR® and a business owner. Hope to see you in my class 💕







Rosy was born and raised in Mexico city. Given her love for dancing and teaching,  she got into Zumba® classes in early 2013. She is also a Certified Spanish teacher, and teaching is her passion.

Late in 2013 , she got certified as a Zumba® instructor for Adults and also obtained her Certificate in Zumba® Kids & Juniors. For the last few months she has been teaching Zumba® at different recreation centers, studios, daycares and pre-schools.

She strongly believes that dancing and music helps people release stress, become healthier and enjoy a happier life. Her positive energy and charisma make her classes one of the best.

As a certified Spanish teacher, Rosy will also develop a program that involves Zumba® and Spanish lesson for Kids.

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Hello! My name is Quan, and I am originally from China. I came to Canada in 2009 for doctoral studies. Now, I am a math teacher. Teaching is my passion.

Before I started Zumba® I played lots of sport including badminton, tennis and volleyball, I suffered some injuries from playing and I needed a less jarring exercise form.

I started Zumba® on 2017 and fell in love immediately  with the self-paced moves and varieties of music. Doing Zumba® cheers me up every time and I certainly sweat as much as when I played aborts. I cannot wait to spread the fun and to inspire people by being a Zumba®Instructor 



I was born in Ottawa , Canada, I have loved Zumba® from the very first class I took which was on VHS tapes back in 2001 

I spent many years doing Zumba® at home while my children were young, I began teaching Zumba® in 2012 which I specialize in Adult Zumba®, Zumba Toning® and Zumba Kids®

What I like about Zumba® is every class feels like a party! I like my participants to come in, shake the stress off, and leave happy. Another thing I love about Zumba® is this class is for everyone.

Every song you can modify to your ability whether you are seasoned to working out or brand new, Come join the fun ! Can't wait to meet you.



​​Hola Amigos

Originally from Mexico, I moved to Canada to study English, I ended up staying and marrying a Canadian 

Fitness and Tourism are my passions,  I have been a Spanish tour guide and a bus driver for 14 years, 

As much as I love Canada, I have to say "something was missing" and that is related to who I am and where I come from,

so after my second child was born, and after seeing all the positive changes Zumba  Fitness created in myself, physically,  mentally and emotionally ,  I gave myself the task of sharing a little happiness with the community  to which I just moved and in October 2011, LATIN FLAVOURS FITNESS was born , a place  like no other , a Studio with a pinch of Latin flair,  the ambiance, it's unique style,  it's decoration, it's fun colors , it's a little piece of Mexico in Canada 

what became my happy place is now what many of us like to call or second home a place  where memories and friendships are created that will last forever!

It is a pleasure for me to be a Zumba® instructor, and being able to inject some positive energy into someone's day just makes me happy !

Remember that research has shown that  "moving or dancing with others is beneficial by improving social skills, lifting your spirit and even reversing depression "

So let's move together and let me share with you the wonder I have found in Zumba®Fitness and now also in POUND Fitness !!!