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 feel 10 years younger when dancing and screaming in ways I usually don’t during the class.  It brings me joy and a sense of connection to my native home, friends and people I 've met through Zumba. The vibrant Latin flavours are simply priceless.


  I sometimes feel younger and sometimes feel older LOL. But usually I feel younger, energetic, happy, happy, happy. Did I say happy? There is no better way to get cardio. It burns off calories like crazy and you have fun the whole time. Inspirational.


  Zumba has changed my life for the positive. I feel zero insecurities when I Zumba. I have fun and release all my stresses of day to day life. It is my addiction. Whether I can dance or not I just Zumba and enjoy it!!  


 Latin Flavours is my second home.  Not only am I constantly there, but it’s a place full of warmth, positive energy, laughter and most of all, passion for Zumba.  It’s impossible to be in a bad mood in Latin Flavours because you are swept up in the heart-pounding music and the amazing routines of four great instructors, who happen to also be great people.  I thank Latin Flavours from the bottom of my heart for making exercise so fun and adding to my life by being so effective and causing pounds to fly off!  I am often more energized after a class than before.  A visit to Latin Flavours is often the best end to my day.


 I’m sure all my friends are tired of hearing about how much I enjoy Zumba…but I’m going to keep saying it…….I LOVE ZUMBA !!!!!!!      
Thanks to Liliana and Yosvany !!!!


 I have taken Zumba classes else where and they don’t  even begin to compare with the classes through LFF. It really feels like you’re a part of a special community… Zumba style They really know how to make you work up a sweat and have a blast doing it!  The music is upbeat and catchy and the choreography is simple enough to catch on but challenging enough to burn calories! I have lost over 45 pounds thanks to Zumba and the team at LFF! Their classes are fun, exciting and addictive and I love the studio space! I drive all the way to Maple Ridge from Vancouver twice a week just for Yosvany’s classes Liliana and Yosvany are always so cheerful and welcoming! No need to feel bad if you’re not coordinated, just let go, have fun and dance!


Love Latin Flavours Zumba!  I have tried other Zumba classes, but nothing comes close to how much I enjoy taking Zumba at Latin Flavours.
 The instructors are great, very encouraging.  Great atmosphere.


 I hate gyms but love going to Latin Flavours.  Everyone is just there to have fun.  I’ve only been going to LFF for a few months and have become an unrepentant Zumba addict. It is my new happy place.  I had forgotten how much I love to dance!  The exercise is just a bonus .

Lord have mercy,  At 70 yrs. young and next to my aqua box, it’s like having good dark chocolate  :)  It is so much fun,  I come out of there pumped. I go
 with my sore knees and back and do the best I can. Thank you for making it fun. Love you guys. Keep up the good work I also pray for your success, literally

 I love LFF  It is also my second home. I started insecure with no dance skills… I feel great out there. It takes away stress, the blues and always leave with energy. I love how it works the core and other parts of the body! All instructors bring something original that I love. My cardio strength is the best ever and the inches lost are noticeable in my clothes! Its a dance party! The owners treat everyone with respect! NeverStop doing what you do! Xo


Liliana, even though I see you occasionally, I feel very welcome and “at home” when I join your classes!  I love Zumba and you and Yosvany are my two very special instructors in  Maple Ridge .


I love Zumba I have been away for a while and really miss it .


The studio had change my life in so many positive ways, that I will just resume it in this ” it safe my life” literally!!!   Zumba makes me feel free, pretty, strong and sexy.  Although Zumba and Latin Flavours Fitness also helped me out during my pregnancy no only giving me energy but making me feel good about my image as well. Also it distracted me about any kind of pregnancy pain. That is why even on my labour day during my contractions I was doing Zumba with Liliana in the hospital room, because zumba also helps you with your breathing, it takes your brain and body to another stage.  All I can say it is that Zumba, and Latin Flavours fitness it is like my home, and I love it. The studio is always in my mind and heart ! ♥


After taking my first Zumba class I was hooked, and now I literally go through withdrawal if I can’t take a class. The classes at Latin Flavours  are much more than dance or exercise classes for me, they fill my soul with happiness, even when I am tired I still go to class. Third song in, my energy returns and I feel alive!! The very best part of coming to the classes has been meeting so many genuinely kind and caring people, who have become my Zumba family. Liliana is so beautiful inside and out , she really has a heart of gold. Yosvany never fails to make me laugh and I love to tease him. Elena is sweetness itself and I wish I
could make it to some of Jocelyn class, as she has great energy! Muchas, muchas gracias!!


 I am not a very physical person, but after my first class at Latin Flavours I knew I wanted to keep coming! The atmosphere in the studio is very welcoming and I felt right at home. This is a place to shake the day away.  Everyone at Latin Flavours is warm and welcoming, and I am thankful that I put myself out of my comfort zone and signed up!


Latin Flavours Fitness owners & instructors are the nicest people I have ever met!! You are part of a family there and you get the best workouts from all of them!!! You guys have helped me come back to life after a very traumatic experience!!! When I am there I laugh and de-stress all at the same time!! I’ve made friends there and love going!!! My cardio has improved and my clothes are starting to fit better!!
  You are ALL excellent instructors and always are available for questions!! I could go on & on… I want to THANK YOU ALL FOR ALL THE HARD WORK & the professionalism made personal that you all do!!! You guys all Rock and I love all of you!!!  


Before Zumba, I went to fitness classes very reluctantly.  But since discovering Latin Flavours, I actually enjoy exercising!  The instructors are very energetic (Jocelyn!!) and motivating and I love how all ages and skill levels can participate.  It really does not matter how coordinated you are or if you have any dance experience.  Latin Flavours has a very welcoming, encouraging and FUN atmosphere.  I wish you continued success!


I discovered zumba in 2011, and Latin Flavours shortly after it opened. Latin Flavours Fitness has truly changed my life. I fell in love with zumba, and the instructors at Latin Flavours are fantastic dancers and fitness instructors. I have lost weight, and have learned how to dance.
The music and atmosphere is amazing. The instructors promote fitness, fun, and friendship, and there is a real sense of family at their studio. I am in the best shape I have ever been in. Thanks to Latin Flavours studio instructors, they really care about their students and love what they do.”


Best Zumba Studio Anywhere! My home away from home. Only started a month ago and am completely in love with the instructors, students and music.


What do I like about Latin Flavours?  Um, everything! I started last month and thought I would give it a go thinking it would be my ‘flavour’ of the month exercise…a few classes in and I knew I wouldn’t be able to give it up! Never have I …looked forward to exercise but I feel like I ‘get’ to go to a dance party when ever I like! I have had the pleasure of taking classes with Liliana and Yosvany and they are positively wonderful, super energetic and fun! I strongly recommend you attend a Zumba class with them if you think it may be something you’d enjoy. You will not be disappointed! Don’t forget your towel.


Once you try you’ll be addicted.


I love every thing about it  just let your self go feel free and feel music . Home away from home.